From a very young age we figured out we had to earn certain things. We were taught to share, be quite, do our chores, smile, say hello, on and on…

We dressed a certain way, we behaved a certain way to ensure our survival and sense of belonging. Wether it was a hostile or a loving enviroment we needed them.

So yeah, it made a lot of sense. We needed these people, so we complide. 

Now, as adults. Should we continue behaving as beggars of love? Or should we understand that survival and love were not the same thing?



It’s about people who did or did not finish college. People who failed or succeded in relationships. People who do not run million dollar companies. People who wear nameless clothes and drive nameless cars. People who might or might not have the latest phone. 

It’s about people who choose to be people. Who choose to be marveled by all of life. People who have nothing against those who choose to acumulate stuff and likes.  

People who simply refuse to be in the rat race. And have better things to do… like living
Yecy Delgado